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Sacrifice of Abraham

Scene form the history of Abraham

Sketch for a composition representing the flight into Egypt

Sketch for a Pietà

Sketch of a figure: An angel?

Sketch of parts of The last judgment

St. Magdalene in the desert

St. Mary of Egypt kneeling, praised by the angels

St. Peter and an angel

St. Peter leaving a small boat

St. Philip and a flying angel

St. Philip baptizes the Eunuch of the Ethiopian Queen

St. Philip baptizes the Eunuch; repetition of details

Stoning of St. Stephen

Studies after a Descent from the cross

Studies for a Crucifixion

Studies for a Muse and the figure of King David

Studies for Christ in the Garden of Olives

Studies for Christ on the cross

Studies for the feet of the crucified thieves

Studies of bust of women with their arms raised: Esther preparing herself

Study after a ststue of St. Peter

Study for a Baptism of Christ (?)

Study for a crown of thorns on a cross, and other sketches

Study for a Virgin and Child

Study for an angel (?)

Study for Christ at Martha's and Mary's houde

Study for the figure of St. Philip

Study for the return of the prodigal son

Study for the return of the prodigal son

Study of a flying angel in a plunging motion, the arms stretched forward

Study of a flying angel, repetition of the legs

Study of an angel

Three crosses, The

Three evangelists

Three flying angels holding a banner

Two angels turned left, with the arms raised towards the sky

Two studies for Christ surrounded by children

Two studies of sleeping man

Vigin in the clouds, The

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