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ANGO, Jean-Robert

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Angel carrying a crown

Angel carrying a crown

Angel designating a tomb to the kneeling St. Charles, An

Angels carrying a column in the clouds, The

Cherubim bringing the Holy Face to Heaven

Christ and the pilgrims of Emmaus

Christ carried to the tomb

Christ on the clouds

Christ on the clouds; head and left arm repeated

Coronation of the Virgin

Flying angel holding a crown of thorns and a palm, A

Holy Family served by the angels, The

Holy Family surrounded by angels, The

Holy Family with donors

Ornamentic detail of the four evangelists, An

Prophet Daniel, The


St. Andrew in the clouds

St. Andrew in the clouds

St. Mark sitting on a throne surrounded by allegorical figures

St. Peter baptizing in the prison

Study of the figure of a woman, sitting on the clouds

Study of the figure of Christ for an Ascension

Virgin and Child with pilgrims

Virgin holding the Child Jesus, The

Woman on her knees, in ecstasy