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Body of the crucified Christ

Christ handing over the keys to St. Peter

Christ holding the cross

Christ lamented by the angels

Christ with the cross

Christ, standing, holding the cross

Creation of Eve

Creation, The


Damned, A

Deluge, The

Demon, A

Demon, seen from behind

Figure on the left in the lunette of Nahshon

Figure on the right in the lunette of Nahshon

Figures of Michelangelo

Figures, after The last judgment

Group of damned

Haman executed

Head of damned


Joseph of Arimathea holding Christ who has been taken down from the cross

Man with snake


Nude man from behind, supporting himself on the hands

Nude man hanging from a hand

Nude man leaning forward

Original sin, The


Prophet Daniel

Prophet Daniel, The

Prophet Ezekiel

Prophet Isaiah

Prophet Jeremiah

Prophet Joel

Prophet Zechariah

Samson and the Philistines

Samson and the Philistines

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