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ALLEGRINI, Francesco

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Annunciation, The

Baptism of Christ, in the presence of two angels

Birth of Isaac, Isaac and Ishmael, Hagar and Ishmael, The

Christ and the Samaritan woman

Discovery of Moses by Pharaoh's daughter, The

Episodes from the hirstory of Adam and Eve

Episodes from the history of Noah after the deluge, and the Tower of Babel

Fragment of the conversion of St. Paul

Holy Family, The

Jesus Christ carried on the clouds by the Virgin and two angels

Josep explaining his dreams to his brothers

Joseph sold by his brothers

Joseph sold by his brothers

Kneeling soldier before an angel

Kneeling soldier before an angel

Lamentation over the body of Christ

Massacre of the innocents, The

Moses saved from the water

Presentation of Jesus in the temple, The

Priest giving the extreme unction to a dying, A