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BRUEGEL, Jan, the Elder

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Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden

Adoration of the kings, The

Adoration of the Magi, The

Animals entering the ark, The

Christ in the storm on the Sea of Galilee

Christ preaching at the seaport

Daniel in the den of lions

Earth or the earthly Paradise

Edge of the forest

Entry into the ark, The

Entry of the animals into Noah's ark, The

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden with the fall of man, The *

Garden of Eden, The

Garden of Eden, The

Great Calvary, The

Harbour scene with Christ preaching

Holy Family in a flower and fruit wreath, The

Landscape on the coast, with the calling of St. Peter and St. Andrew

Landscape with St. John the Baptist preaching

Landscape with the visions of St. John on Patmos

Madonna in floral wreath

Original sin, The


Rest on the flight to Egypt, The

Terrestrial Paradise

Virgin and Child in a garland of flowers, The

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