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Caldara, Polidoro, After

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Adam and Eve expelled form Paradise

Adam and Eve expelled form Paradise

Adoration of the Virgin and Child

Angel standing with the arms crossed, looking backwards and down, An

Crossing of the Red Sea, The

Four workers preparing the cross for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Fragment of a Deluge

Gathering of manna, The

Gathering of manna, The

Jesus led to Caiaphas

Lamentation over the dead Christ

Lamentation over the dead Christ

Moses ordering the collecting of manna. Moses striking the rock.

Moses showing the Tables of the Law, and a woman holding a fruit basket

Mystic marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria, The

Preaching of St. John in the desert, The

Striking of the rock, The

The deposition and the resurrection

Two angels sitting on the clothes reading a book

Virgin and Child on a throne surrounded by a bishop and a St., The

Virgin holding the Child on her knees, The