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MULDER, Joseph

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Abraham, lay not thine hand on the child

Absaloms servants kill his brother Amnon at a feast

Adam and Eve were both naked and were not ashamed

Annunciation of the birth of Jesus, The

Baals priests, in the temple

Deep sleep fell upon Abram and a horror seizes him, A

Enoch translated into Heaven

Esau ran to meet Jacob and fell on his neck and kissed him

Israelites gather manna in the wilderness, The

Jesus in the mount

Jonah entereth into Nineveh

Joseph sold by his brethren to the Ishmaelites

Joshua and Eleazar divide the promised land unto Israel by lot

Man of God slain by a lion for his disobedience, The

Moses drawn out of the water

Paul and Silas in prison

Peter delivered from prison by an angel

Ruth gleaneth in the fields of Boaz