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Agabus's prophesie concerning Paul

Annunciation of the birth of Jesus, The

Calling of St. Matthew, The *

Centurion's faith, The

Christ talketh with two disciples going to Emmaus

Christ's resurrection is declared by an angel to the women

Convert jaylor, The

Great multitude fed with five loaves and two fishes, A

Jesus and the woman of Samaria

Jesus appeareth to Mary

Jesus calleth Matthew from the receipt of custom

Jesus findeth his disciples sleeping

Jesus in the mount

Jesus sitting in the midst of the doctors

Jesus upbraideth the scribes and Pharisees

Martha complains of her sister to Christ

Paul and Silas in prison

Paul raises the dead

Paul raiseth Eutychus to life

Paul shaketh off the viper, and felt no harm

Peter denieth his master

Possessed with devils coming out of the tombs, The

Rest on the flight into Egypt, The

Saul's conversion

Shepherds find the Child Jesus lying in a manger, The

Simon beareth Christ's cross

Unbelieving Thomas

Woman taken in adultery, The

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