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Jesus is mocked in the house of Caiaphas

Jesus is pierced in the side

Jesus is stripped

Jesus leaves the praetorium

Jesus led from Herod to Pilate

Jesus looking through a lattice

Jesus meets his mother

Jesus ministered by angels, The

Jesus on his way to Galilee

Jesus on the way to Ephraim

Jesus preaches in a ship

Jesus rebuking the Pharisees and the teachers of the law

Jesus sleeping during the tempest

Jesus stilling the tempest

Jesus teaches the people by the sea

Jesus teaching at the shore

Jesus teaching in the synagogue

Jesus teaching near the place where the offerings were put

Jesus tells the disciples to rest

Jesus tempted in the wilderness

Jesus transported by a spirit onto a high mountain

Jesus unrolls the book in the synagogue

Jesus walks on the sea

Jesus washes the feet of the disciples

Jesus wept

Jesus writing on the ground

Jethro and Moses *

Jews conspire, The

Jews' Passover, The *

Jezebel advises Ahab *

Joanna, wife of Cuza

Job and his family *

Job and his three friends *

Job hears bad tidings *

Job joins his family in happiness *

Job lying on the heap of refuse

Joel *

Jonah *

Jonathan tastes of the honey

Joram is pierced with an arrow *

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