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Jacob mourns his sin Joseph *

Jacob sees Esau coming to meet him

Jacob's body is taken to Canaan *

Jacob's dream

Jael shows to Barak, Sisera lying dead

Jael smote Sisera, and slew him

Jephthah's daughter

Jeremiah *

Jesse presents his sons to Samuel

Jesus alone on the cross

Jesus among the doctors

Jesus and his mother at the fountain

Jesus and Nicodemus

Jesus and the little child

Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene

Jesus appears to the holy women

Jesus appointing the apostles

Jesus at Bethany

Jesus bearing the cross

Jesus before Pilate the first time

Jesus before Pilate the second time

Jesus beforeHerod

Jesus carried to the tomb

Jesus carried up to a pinnacle of the temple

Jesus discourses with his disciples

Jesus eating at Matthew's

Jesus eating with his disciples

Jesus falls beneath the cross

Jesus forbids carrying merchandise through the temple courts

Jesus found in the temple

Jesus goes out to Bethany

Jesus goes up alone onto a mountain to pray

Jesus going out to a solitary place

Jesus has disappeared

Jesus heals the blind and lame on the mountain

Jesus in Solomon's Colonnade

Jesus is flogged in the face

Jesus is flogged on the back

Jesus is led from Caiaphas to Pilate

Jesus is led to Annas

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