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Healing of Malchus, The

Healing of Peter's mother-in-law, The

Healing of ten lepers, The

Healing of the daughter of the Phoenician woman, The

Healing of the lepers at Capernaum

Healing of the mute and possessed at Capernaum, The

Healing of the woman subject to bleeding, The

Heir of the vineyard, The


Hidden treasure, The

High priest and Hannah, The *

His winnowing fork is in his hand

Holy Face, The

Holy stairs, The

Holy Virgin in her youth, The

Holy Virgin in old age, The

Holy Virgin receives the body of Jesus, The

Holy woman wipes the face of Jesus, A

Holy women listening to the Lord, The

Holy women watch from afar, The

Holy women, The

Hosea *

Humiliation of man, The *

I will worship toward thy temple *

Idol broken down before the ark, The

Idols are brought out, The

In foreign climes

In foreign climes

In the fiery furnace *

Inner voices

Inscription on the cross, The

Isaac bears the wood for his sacrifice

Isaac sends Esau to hunt *


Ishmael the archer *

Israelites declare vengeance, The

It is finished

Jacob *

Jacob and Rachel at the well

Jacob deceives Isaac

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