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First denial of St. Peter, The

First nail, The

First shall be the last, The

Five wedges, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Flight of the prisoners, The *

Flight of the spies, The

Foolish virgins, The

Forum with the Stone Pavement: Jesus and the two thieves

Friendship of Jonathan and David, The

Gardener and the fig tree, The

Gate of the camp, The

Gathering of the manna, The

Gentiles ask to see Jesus, The

Gideon asks for bread from the men of Succoth

Gideon chooses the three hundred *

God appears to Noah

God is near the afflicted

God renews his promises to Abraham

God's curse

God's promise to Abram

Golden calf, The

Goliath adresses David *

Good Friday morning: Jesus in prison

Good Samaritan, The

Good shepherd, The

Guardian angel, The

Habakkuk *

Hagar and the angel in the desert

Hagar departeth from Abraham *

Haggai *

Harlot of Jericho and the two spies, The

Hatred of the just, The

Having deserted Jesus, the disciples hide in the Valley of Hinnom

He heals the lame

He laid his hands on a few sick

He sent them out two by two, The

He went through the villages on the way to Jerusalem

He who belongs to God hears what God says

Head of St. John the Baptist on a charger, The

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