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Disciples admire the buildings of the temple, The

Disciples eat wheat on the Sabbath, The

Disciples of Jesus baptize, The

Disciples on their way to Emmaus, The

Disciples watching from a distance, The

Do not hold on to me

Donkey at Bethphage, The

Dove returns to Noah, The

Ear of Malchus, The

Earthquake, The

Ecce homo

Egyptian is brought to David, An *

Egyptians admire Sarai's beauty, The *

Egyptians are destroyed, The

Elders at the gate, The *

Eli falls off the chair

Elijah ascends in a chariot of fire *

Elijah bringeth fire from Heaven *

Elijah dwelleth in a cave *

Elijah fed by the ravens *

Elijah from Mt. Carmel sees a cloud afar off *

Elijah raiseth the widow's son *

Elijah runs before the chariot of Ahab *

Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?

Enemy sowing weeds, The

Ephraimites wish to know the Levite, The *

Esther presented to Ahasuerus

Evil council of Caiaphas, The

Exhortation of Christ to the apostles, The

Exodus, The

Expert in the law stands up to test Jesus, The

Ezekiel *

False witnesses before Caiaphas, The

Fattened calf, The

Fattened calf, The

Feast of Adoni-Bezek, The

Feed my lambs

Festivities in honour of David

Fire from Heaven consumes the sacrifice *

Fire of atonement, The

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