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David and Ahimelech

David and Saul in the cave

David causes an Amalekite to be slain

David cuts off the head of Goliath

David cuts the Skirt of Saul *

David dancing before the ark

David goes to the cave of Adullam

David in the wilderness of Ziph

David makes his escape

David mourns his son Amnon

David plays harp before Saul

David praying in the night *

David quits Jerusalem

David returns to Achish

David sees Bathsheba bathing

David sees the messenger arrive

David singing

David slings the stone

David stops on a hill *

David takes Saul's spear and water bottle

David takes the head of Goliath to Jerusalem

David takes the presents from Jesse to Saul

David's valiant men

Dead appear in Jerusalem, The

Dead appearing in templet, The

Dead bodies thrown outside the temple, The *

Death of Aaron, The

Death of Absalom, The

Death of Jesus, The

Death of Jezebel, The *

Death of Moses, The *

Deborah beneath the palm tree

Deceit and guile depart not from her streets

Defiance of Goliath, The

Deluge, The

Departure, The

Departure, The

Descent from the cross, The

Desolation of Tamar

Disbelief of St. Thomas, The

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