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Canaanite woman, The

Caravan of Abram, The

Centurion, The

Chaldees destroy the brazen Sea, The

Chastisement of Uzzah, The

Chief priest tores his clothes, The

Chief priests asking Jesus on what authority he acts, The

Chief priests consulting together, The

Chiefs of the army, The

Childhood of St. John the Baptist, The

Children devoured by bears, The *

Chirst is fetched from the old cistern

Choristers, The

Christ appearing to Peter

Christ appears on the shore of Lake Tiberias

Christ appears to the eleven

Christ going out to the Mount of Olives in the evening

Christ in the tomb

Chronicles are read to Ahasuerus, The *

Confession of Peter, The

Confession of St. Longinus, The

Confession of the centurion, The

Confidence of the just, The *

Conquest of the Amorites, The *

Corner stone, The

Costume of the High Priest, The *

Could you not keep watch for one hour?

Creation, The

Crown of thorns, The

Crucify him!

Cup found, The *

Daniel and the wise men *

Daniel and the young men *

Daniel in the lions' den

Daughter of Herodias dancing, The

Daughter of Jairus, The

Daughter of Jephthah and her companions, The *

Daughters of Jerusalem, The

Daughters of Lot, The *

David and Abishag

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