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Ark passes over the Jordan, The

Ark sent away, The *

Armed angel appears to many, An *

As pants the hart *

Ascension seen from below, The

Ascension seen from the Mount of Olives, The

At the brow of the hill of Nazareth

Ax in the trunk of the tree, The

Bad rich man in hell, The

Balaam and the ass *

Baptism of Jesus, The


Baruch *

Bath-Sheba mourns her husband *

Benaiah, who slew the lion

Betrothal of the Holy Virgin and St. Joseph , The

Betrothed of Cana, The


Birth of Noah *

Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The

Blind leading blind

Blind men at Jericho, The *

Blind of Capernaum, The

Blind tells his story to the Jews, The

Blind washes himself in the pool of Siloam, The

Body of Jesus carried to the anointing stone, The

Boy possessed at the foot of Mount Tabor, The

Brazen serpent, The

Bridge over the brook of Kidron, The

Brothers of Joseph, The *

Building the ark

Building the Tower of Babel

But no one laid a hand on him

By the waters of Babel *

Cain leadeth Abel to death

Calling of St. James and St. John, The

Calling of St. John and St. Andrew, The

Calling of St. Matthew, The

Calling of St. Peter and St. Andrew , The

Camp before Sinai, The *

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