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Second miraculous draught of fishes, The

Seduction of Dinah, Daughter of Leah, The *

Sermon on the Mount, The

Seven trumpets of Jericho, The

Shem, Ham, and Japhet

Sick are carried to Jesus in the village, The

Sick awaiting the passage of Jesus, The

Signs on the door, The *

Simon the Cyrenian and his two sons Alexander and Rufus

Simon the Cyrenian compelled to carry the cross with Jesus

Slaying of the Assyrians, The *

Sodomites, The *

Sojourn in Egypt, The

Soldiers break the bones of the thieves, The

Solomon and his harem *

Solomon and the Queen of Sheba *

Solomon dedicates the temple at Jerusalem

Solomon is made king *

Son of the official is healed, The

Songs of joy, The

Soul of the good thief, The

Sower, The

Split in the rock of Calvary, The

St. Andrew

St. Anna

St. Bartholomew

St. James Major

St. James the Less

St. John the Baprist and the Pharisees

St. John the Baptist sees Jesus from afar

St. John the Evangelist

St. Joseph

St. Joseph seeks a lodging in Bethlehem

St. Luke

St. Mark

St. Matthew

St. Paul

St. Peter

St. Peter and St. John follow from afar

St. Peter walks on the sea

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