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Return of the prodigal son, The

Return, The

Return, The

Rich young man went away sorrowful, The

Rizpah's kindness toward the dead *

Rod of Aaron devours the other rods, The

Rooster crowes, The

Ruth and Boaz *

Ruth gleaning

Sabbath breaker stoned, The


Samson and his wife *

Samson and the foxes

Samson and the gates of Gaza *

Samson breaks his cords *

Samson eats the honey

Samson is made prisoner *

Samson kills a young lion *

Samson puts down the pillars

Samson puts forth a riddle

Samson slays a thousand men

Samson turns the mill in prison *

Samuel and his two sons

Samuel at Ramah

Samuel slays Agag

Sarah hears and and laughs *

Sarai is taken to Pharaoh's palace

Sarai sendeth Hagar away *

Saul and the Witch of Endor *

Saul casts a javelin at Jonathan *

Saul commands Doeg to slay the priests

Saul endeavours to pierce David

Saul falls upon his sword

Saul meeteth with Samuel *

Saul prophesies before Samuel *

Saul prophesies with the prophets *

Saul puts his armour upon David

Saul questions the young maidens

Saul sacrifices the oxen

Second denial of St. Peter, The

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