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Moses laid amid the flags

Moses on the mountain during the battle *

Moses sees the Promised Land from afar

Moses slays an Egyptian *

Moses smiteth the rock in the desert

Moses speaks to Pharaoh

Moses strikes the rock

Moses's rod is turned into a serpent *

Multitude in the temple, The

Mute and possessed, The

Mutilation of Adoni-Bezek, The *

My name is Legion

My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death

Nahum *

Nails are nailed through the feet, The

Nathan reproaches David

Nathanael under the fig tree

Nehemiah looks upon the ruins of Jerusalem


Noah's drunkenness

Noah's sacrifice

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Obadiah *

Offering of Abraham, The *

Offerings of Melchizedek, The *

Old Testament warrior *

On entering the house, salute it

One of the holy women


Our Lord Jesus Christ

Out of my sight, Satan!

Palm tree, The

Palsied man let down through the roof, The

Pardon of the good thief, The

Passover of the Jews, The

People seek Jesus to make him king, The

Peter and John run to the grave

Peter goes out weeping bitterly

Peter throws himself into the water

Pharaoh and his dead son

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