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Elders at the gate, The *

High priest and Hannah, The *

Voice of the Lord, The

Eli falls off the chair

Idol broken down before the ark, The

Ark sent away, The *

Samuel and his two sons

Samuel at Ramah

Saul meeteth with Samuel *

Saul questions the young maidens

Saul prophesies with the prophets *

Saul sacrifices the oxen

Jonathan tastes of the honey

Samuel slays Agag

Jesse presents his sons to Samuel

David plays harp before Saul

David takes the presents from Jesse to Saul

David cuts off the head of Goliath

David slings the stone

David takes the head of Goliath to Jerusalem

Defiance of Goliath, The

Goliath adresses David *

Saul puts his armour upon David

Festivities in honour of David

David makes his escape

Saul endeavours to pierce David

Saul prophesies before Samuel *

Friendship of Jonathan and David, The

Saul casts a javelin at Jonathan *

David and Ahimelech

David goes to the cave of Adullam

Saul commands Doeg to slay the priests

David in the wilderness of Ziph

David and Saul in the cave

David cuts the Skirt of Saul *

Abigail kneels before David

David stops on a hill *

David takes Saul's spear and water bottle

David returns to Achish

Saul and the Witch of Endor *

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