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Achan and Joshua

Ai is taken by Joshua

Joshua and the five kings

Joshua commandeth the sun to stand still *

Joshua destroys the giants

Feast of Adoni-Bezek, The

Mutilation of Adoni-Bezek, The *

Angel's rebuke, The *


Deborah beneath the palm tree

Jael shows to Barak, Sisera lying dead

Jael smote Sisera, and slew him

Angel puts fire on the altar of Gideon, The *

Gideon chooses the three hundred *

Gideon asks for bread from the men of Succoth

Woman breaks the skull of Abimelech, A

Daughter of Jephthah and her companions, The *

Jephthah's daughter

Angel ascends toward Heaven, The *

Samson and his wife *

Samson eats the honey

Samson kills a young lion *

Samson puts forth a riddle

Samson and the foxes

Samson slays a thousand men

Samson and the gates of Gaza *

Philistines visit Delilah, The *

Samson breaks his cords *

Samson is made prisoner *

Samson turns the mill in prison *

Samson puts down the pillars

Idols are brought out, The

Ephraimites wish to know the Levite, The *

Levite's wife dies at the door, The *

Ambuscade, An

Israelites declare vengeance, The

Virgins of Shiloh surprised, The *

Women at the well, The *

Ruth gleaning

Ruth and Boaz *

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