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Jacob deceives Isaac

Jacob's dream

Jacob and Rachel at the well

Rachel and Leah *

Jacob sees Esau coming to meet him

Meeting of Esau and Jacob, The

Seduction of Dinah, Daughter of Leah, The *

Joseph reveals his dream to his brethren *

Joseph cast into the pit *

Jacob mourns his sin Joseph *

Judah and Tamar *

Joseph distributes bread in prison *

Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream *

Brothers of Joseph, The *

Cup found, The *

Joseph and his brethren welcomed by Pharaoh

Jacob's body is taken to Canaan *

Joseph dwelleth in Egypt *

Moses laid amid the flags

Pharaoh's daughter receives the mother of Moses *

Moses slays an Egyptian *

Moses defends Jethro's daughters *

Moses and the burning bush *

Moses's rod is turned into a serpent *

Moses and Aaron speak to the people

Moses speaks to Pharaoh

Rod of Aaron devours the other rods, The

Water is changed into blood *

Plague of locusts, The

Jews' Passover, The *

Signs on the door, The *

Pharaoh and his dead son

Exodus, The

Egyptians are destroyed, The

Pharoah pursues the Israelites

Waters are divided, The

Songs of joy, The

Gathering of the manna, The

Quails are sent to the Israelites

Moses smiteth the rock in the desert

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