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BLOIS, Abraham de

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Amalekite slain who slew Saul, The

Blasphemer stoned, The

Centurion's faith, The

Christ buried

David rescueth his wives and recovereth all the spoil from the Amalekites

Gibeonites deceive Joshua, The

Jerusalem burnt by Nebuzaradan

Joseph makes himself known to his brethren

Joshua fights against Amalek

Melchizedek, King of Salem, blesseth Abram

Moses consecrates Aaron and his sons and offers their sin offering

Naaman's gifts refused by Elisha

Nicodemus with Christ

Paul shaketh off the viper, and felt no harm

Philistines put out Samsons eyes, The

Plague inflicted on Israel whilst eating the quails, A

Reubenites answer in defense of their altar, The

Supper of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The

Transfiguration of Christ on the mount, The