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HOET, Gerard

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Gibeonites deceive Joshua, The

Gideon throws down Baal's altar

Gideon's surprise attack

God calleth unto Adam and said: Where art thou?

God speaks to Israel at Sinai

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

Isaac and Abimelech swear an oath of friendship to each other

Isaac and Ishmael bury their father Abraham in the cave

Isaac blesseth his son Jacob

Israelites defeated by the Philistines, The

Israelites eat the Passover, The

Israelites gather manna in the wilderness, The

Israelites mourn for Moses, The

Israelites pass the river Jordan, The

Israelites worship the golden calf, The

Jacob blesseth his sons

Jacob flies away from Laban

Jacob wrestleth with an angel

Jacob's body carried into Canaan to be buried

Jael shows Barak Sisera dead

Jephthah's daughter meets him at the door of his house

Joseph explains Pharaoh's dream to him

Joseph giveth gifts to his brethren

Joseph made ruler in Egypt

Joseph makes himself known to his brethren

Joseph sold by his brethren to the Ishmaelites

Joseph's cup is found in Benjamin's sack

Joshua and Eleazar divide the promised land unto Israel by lot

Joshua cutts the nerves of the horses and burns the chariots of the nations

Joshua fights against Amalek

Joshua makes a covenant with God

Judah giveth his signet, bracelets, and staff in pledge to Tamar

Laban and Jacob make a covenant together

Lord appeareth to Moses in a burning bush, The

Lord confounds the languages of all the earth, The

Melchizedek, King of Salem, blesseth Abram

Moab leads Israel into sin

Moses bringeth water out of the rock

Moses consecrates Aaron and his sons and offers their sin offering

Moses drawn out of the water

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