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HOET, Gerard

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Aarons rod budding

Abigail meeting David

Abigail pacifieth David with a present

Abimelech killed by a millstone

Abraham stands by the three men under the tree

Abraham took Ishmael with all the males born in his house, and circumcised them

Abraham weigheth four hundred shekels of silver for the cave

Abraham, lay not thine hand on the child

Abraham's servant sweareth to his master

Abram leaves Ur

Abram rescues Lot

Absaloms servants kill his brother Amnon at a feast

Achan and all his family and cattle stoned and burnt

Adam and Eve were both naked and were not ashamed

And it rained upon the earth fourty days and fourty nights

Angel leads Lot out of Sodom, and destroys the city, An

Balaam blessing the Israelites

Battle between Joshua and the five kings, The

Benjamites forcibly seize the daughters of Israel, The

Blasphemer stoned, The

Boaz given a sandal

Bricks without straw

Building the tabernacle

Cain rises up against his brother Abel and kills him

Christ sleeping in the ship was awakened by his disciples

Cutting off of the thumbs and great toes of Adoni-Bezek, The

David killeth Goliath

David rescueth his wives and recovereth all the spoil from the Amalekites

David's messengers shaved by Hanun

Deep sleep fell upon Abram and a horror seizes him, A

Destruction of Jericho by Joshua, by the falling of the walls, The

Doeg at Sauls command killeth the priests

Earth was corrupt before God and filled with violence, The

Eglon, king of the Moabites, killed

Egyptian first born destroyed, The

Enoch translated into Heaven

Esau ran to meet Jacob and fell on his neck and kissed him

Esau sells his birth-right for a pottage of lentiles

Eve gives the fruit of the tree of knowledge, of which she has eaten, to her husband

Five kings of Midian slain by Israel

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