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PICART, Bernard

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Marriage in Cana of Galilee, A

Mission of the Holy Ghost, The

Mordecai receives the king's ring

Mourning of the Israelites at Gibeah, The

Naaman's gifts refused by Elisha

Nicodemus with Christ

Oded in the host of Samaria

Offerings made by the wise men from the east

Peter delivered from prison by an angel

Reformation made by King Josiah, The

Resurrection of Christ, The

Rod of an almond tree seen by Jeremiah, The

Saul with the witch of Endor

Sick of the palsie let down through the tiling, The

Solomon's judgment between the harlots

Stephen stoned

Supper of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The

Three men in the burning fiery furnace, The

Transfiguration of Christ on the mount, The

Tribute money offered to Christ, The

Type of the resurrection of the dead, A

Vision of the king, The

Vision of the seven candlesticks, The

Wedding of Tobias, The


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