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PICART, Bernard

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Ahijah's prophesy to Jeroboam

Amalekite slain who slew Saul, The

Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, The

Assyrian army slain, The

Bathsheba bathing herself

Beast reigns in Babylon, The

Christ baptized of John

Christ before Caiaphas

Christ being tempted of the Devil

Christ buried

Christ in the arms of Simeon

Christ mocked

Christ riding in triumph into Jerusalem

Christ scourged

Christ sent back to Pilate

Christ strengthened by an angel

Christ upon the cross

Circumcision of Christ, The

Dad young man restored to life by Christ, A

Daniel in the lion's den

David showeth Saul the skirt of his robe

Elijah is taken up into Heaven

Elymas struck with blindness

Escape of Jesus into Egypt, The

Ezechiel's vision

Good Samaritan, The

Head of John the Baptist given to the daughter of Herodias, The

Herod's cruelty against the children in Bethlehem

Jeremiah rescued from prison

Jerusalem burnt by Nebuzaradan

Jesus casts out an unclean spirit

Jesus drives the buyers and sellers out of the temple

Joash is proclaimed king and Athalia is slain

Job among the ashes

Jonah entereth into Nineveh

Jonathan and his armourbearer

King burns Jeremiah's roll, The

Lord sitting upon his throne, The

Man of God slain by a lion for his disobedience, The

Manasseh taken captive

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