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HOLE, William Brassey

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Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh

Moses and the burning bush

Moses inspecting the weaving and embroidering of the hangings of the Tabernacle

Murder of Zechariah, The

Nathan the prophet denounces the sin of David

Nehemiah makes his petition to Artaxerxes


Paralytic man being let down through the roof, A

Passage of Jordan, The

Passage of the Red Sea, The

Passover in Egypt, The

People of Capernaum bringing Jesus many to heal, The

Peter and John in the sepulchre

Peter having denied him thrice repents as Jesus turns and looks at him

Pilate sends Jesus to Herod

Pilate yielding Jesus to be crucified

Prophet of God denounces the idolatry of Jeroboam, A

Queen of Sheba, The

Rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem under Nehemiah

Report of the spies and remonstrance of Caleb, The

Restoring blind Bartimaeus to sight

Return of the exiles, The

Samson grinding in prison at Gaza

Samuel anointing David in the midst of his brethren

Samuel slaying Agag before the Lord at Gilgal

Sarah overhearing the renewal of the promise

Shepherds finding the infant Christ lying in a manger, The

Sin of witchcraft, The

Sorrow of King David, The

Submission of Jehoiachin to Nebuchadnezzar, The

Sword of the Lord and of Gideon spreads panic in the camp of the Midianites, The

Three kings worshipping Christ

Transfiguration, The

Uzziah erects engines of war on the walls of Jerusalem

Wise men enquiring of the birth of the King of the Jews, The


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