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HOLE, William Brassey

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Abram leaving Ur of Chaldees

Sarah overhearing the renewal of the promise

Abraham and Isaac at mount Moriah

Eliezer and Rebekah

Despair of Esau, The

Jacob and the angel at Peniel

Joseph sold into Egypt

Joseph's brethren at the inn. Every mans money in his sack.

Judah pleading before Joseph for his brother Benjamin

Meeting of Jacob and Joseph in Egypt, The

Moses and the burning bush

Israelites making bricks in Egypt

Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh

Passover in Egypt, The

Passage of the Red Sea, The

Battle of Rephidim, The

Giving of laws on Sinai, The

Report of the spies and remonstrance of Caleb, The

Consecration of Eleazar as high priest, The

Balaam blessing Israel

City of refuge, The

Moses inspecting the weaving and embroidering of the hangings of the Tabernacle

Sin of witchcraft, The

City of refuge, The

Passage of Jordan, The

Destruction of Jericho, The

Joshua's treaty with the men of Gibeon

Jael and Sisera

Sword of the Lord and of Gideon spreads panic in the camp of the Midianites, The

Samson grinding in prison at Gaza

Boaz and Ruth

Eli and Samuel: "And he said: It is the Lord. Let Him do what seemeth him good."

Jonathan defying the outposts of the Philistines

Samuel slaying Agag before the Lord at Gilgal

Samuel anointing David in the midst of his brethren

David playing on the harp before Saul

David and Goliath

Davids camp at En Gedi

David spares the life of Saul

Death of Saul at Gilboa, The

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