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LONG, Duncan

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They have their rewards

They returned to the sins of their fathers

Thing about hell, The

To covet your neighbor's wife

To the victor belongs the crown

Tower of Babel

Unclean spirit, The

Upon his return

Valley of bones

Valley of the dry bones

Valley of the shadow

Wages of sin

Waiting on the road to Jericho

Walking the narrow path

Wander in the wilderness, To

Way that seems right to a man, A

We have seen his star


What defiles a man

When the blind lead the blind

Where angels tread

Where moth and rust corrupt

White washed sepulcher

Whore of Babylon, The

Why hast Thou forsaken me?

Wide and narrow ways, The

Without form and void

Witnesses from hell

Working your way to Heaven

Works without faith

Wormwood falls

Yielding to temptation

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