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LONG, Duncan

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Evening of the second day

Evening of the sixth day

Evening of the third day

Evil fears the light

Eyes, but they see not

Ezekiel's wheel

Fallen angel

False Messiah, The

False prophet

False prophet, The

Final harvest

Flight to Egypt, The

For your tears I died

Forbidden fruit

Four horsemen, The

Garden of Eden

God made man

Going home - come up here



Greatest gift, The

Harvest time

He hangs the earth on nothing

Healing, The

Heaven or hell

Heavens declare the glory of God, The

Heavy burdens

Herod the tetrarch - the power behind the throne

His banner

His star

Holy Spirit

House cleaning, The

House divided, A

I was sick and in prison

If thy right hand offends

Image of the beast

Image of the beast

In his hand -- the prisoner set free

Into the lake of fire

It is finished

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