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LONG, Duncan

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Story of Job, The

Jonah and the fish - hopeless situation

Let my people go




Accuser, The


Serpent's curse, The

Tempter, The


And Solomon in all his glory...

Daughter of Herodias danced, The

Herod the tetrarch - the power behind the throne

Shepherds in their fields

Christmas star

His star

We have seen his star

Flight to Egypt, The


My name is legion

Waiting on the road to Jericho

Lazarus, come forth

If thy right hand offends

They have their rewards

Earthly treasures

Where moth and rust corrupt

And Solomon in all his glory...

Walking the narrow path

Wide and narrow ways, The

House cleaning, The

House divided, A

Unclean spirit, The

Ripe unto harvest

What defiles a man

Lost sheep, The

Lost coin, The

Rich man (and Lazarus), The

Rich man and Lazarus, The

Pharisee and the tax collector, The

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