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LONG, Duncan

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Evening of the first day

Without form and void

Evening of the second day

Evening of the third day

Evening of the fourth day

Evening of the fifth day

Evening of the sixth day

Evening of the sixth day

And God rested on the seventh day

Day of rest

Dawn in Eden

Garden of Eden

Forbidden fruit

Temptation of Adam, The

Temptation of Eve

Temptation of Eve, The

Yielding to temptation

Serpent's curse, The

Angel of the Lord

Cain and Able

Mark of Cain

Fallen angel

Long fall to earth, The

Sons of God and daughters of man, The


Tower of Babel

Lot's wife

Jacob blesses Joseph's sons

Let my people go

Parting of the Red Sea

Wander in the wilderness, To

To covet your neighbor's wife

Baal's blessings

Servants of Baal

Prophet of the old covenant



Priest of Baal, A

Elijah and the whirlwind

He hangs the earth on nothing

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