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All the birds have made their nests

Angel announcing the birth of Jesus, An

Angel stood before them, An

Angels announce the Saviour's birth to shepherds

Apple tree in blossom, An

Apple tree laden with fruit, An

Armour of God, The

Attending church services at night

Bed chamber with lattice work screens

Being thankful for water

Bethany in the days of Jesus

Birds have nests, The

Birds' nest in its branches

Boy goes to hear Jesus speak, The

Boy receives a basket of bread loaves and fish from his mother, A

Buying a sacrifice of turtledoves


Carpenter's son, The

Child in a manger, A

Children crying out in the temple

Clear day after the rain, A

Counselors tell the king about Daniel, The



Daniel refuses the king's wine

David cares for his father's sheep

David shows kindness to Jonathan's son, Mephibosheth

Deaf man is healed, A

Depiction of Jesus as a youth, A

Disputes over wells dug by Isaac

Elijah in a cave talking to God

Elisha watches as Elijah is taken up in a whirlwind

Ezra reads the Law

Feeding of the five thousand, The

Fish of the sea will explain to you, The

Gifts from the wise men

Giving thanks

Giving thanks

Giving thanks

Giving thanks

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