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BLOCH, Carl Heinrich

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Annunciation, The

Baptism of Christ, The

Birth of Christ, The

Burial of Christ, The

Casting out the money changers


Christ and a boy

Christ and staff *

Christ and staff *

Christ and thorns *

Christ at Gethsemane

Christ at Gethsemane

Christ at Gethsemane

Christ healing by the well of Bethesda

Christ healing the blind Bartimaeus

Christ teaching at the temple

Come unto me

Crucifixion of Christ

Crucifixion, The

Denying Satan

Doubting Thomas

Fleeing to Egypt

Jesus with the children

Last supper, The *

Mary and Elizabeth

Peter's betrayal

Raising of Lazarus, The

Resurrection of Christ, The

Resurrection, The

Sermon on the Mount, The

Shepherds abiding in the fields

Slaughter of the innocents, The

Supper at Emmaus

Transfiguration, The

Turning water to wine

Woman from Samaria, The

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