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Pilate offers to release Jesus

Pilgrims to a city whose maker is God

Plague of fiery serpents

Queen of Sheba comes to see Solomon's wisdom, The

Reading Paul's letter

Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem

Refusing to help the poor

Return of the prodigal son

Rizpah defending the bodies of Saul's sons

Robbers in the parable of the good Samaritan, The

Sacrifices of Cain and Abel

Sailing the Mediterranean by ship

Samson kills a lion

Samuel anoints David

Samuel presented to Eli

Samuel's vision

Sanhedrin council, The

Saul attempts to kill David

Saul destroys Nashan the Ammonite's army

Saul enters a cave during search for David

Saul falls on his sword

Saul visited by Jesus on the road to Damascus

Selling forbidden on the Sabbath

Shimei throws stones at David

Simon forced to help carry the cross

Simon made to carry Jesus's cross

Solomon crowned king

Solomon dedicates the temple

Spies bringing back fruit of Canaan

Stoning of Achan, The

Stoning of Stephen, The

Support the weak

Tabernacle, The

Take up his cross

Thomas sees Jesus's wounds

Thorns had come up everywhere

Twelve spies in Canaan, The

Utensils of the Tabernacle, The

Vain beauty

Vanity of vanities

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