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Jacob's dream

Jacob's dream

Jacob's sons watching the herds

Jehoash defeats the Syrian army

Jehoiachin released by the King of Babylon

Jephthah's daughter

Jesus ascends to Heaven

Jesus betrayed with a kiss

Jesus blesses the children

Jesus carried his cross

Jesus changes water to wine

Jesus crucified between two thieves

Jesus feeds the five thousand

Jesus is buried in a tomb

Jesus is seen by Simeon

Jesus praying in the garden

Jesus raises Jairus's daughter

Jesus raises Jairus's daughter

Jesus raises Lazarus

Jesus transfigured

Jesus tried before Pilate

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples

Jesus, walking on the water, rescues Peter

Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem on the back of a colt

Joash raises money to repair the temple

Job is visited by three friends

Job told his children died

Jochabed returns Moses after he is weaned

John baptizing in the river Jordan

Jonah under the vine

Joseph and Mary's flight into Egypt

Joseph embalmed

Joseph made ruler in Egypt

Joseph placed in a well

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

Joseph sold into slavery

Joseph's dreams

Joshua and the commander of the Lord's army

Joshua commanding the sun to stand still

Joshua is selected to take Moses's place

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