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Death of the firstborn

Destruction of Jericho, The

Destruction of the temple

Disciples slept while Jesus prayed, The

Dividing the land of Canaan

Dove returns to the ark, The

Elijah fed by the ravens

Elijah fed by the ravens

Elijah is taken up to Heaven in a chariot

Elijah kills the prophets of Baal

Elisha makes an ax head float

Elisha witnesses Elijah being taken to Heaven

Exodus from Egypt, The

Feast of trumpets

Finding the empty tomb

First Passover, The

Fool and the wise, The

Fountain in the wilderness

Furnishings of the Tabernacle, The

Garment of the high priest

Getting to the core problem - unbelief

Gideon and the angel

God speaks to Elijah

God speaks to Moses from a burning bush

God's wisdom versus man's wisdom

Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is like a child, The

Hagar sees water for Ishmael

Hannah and Elkanah visit Samuel

He will command his angels concerning you

Herod orders infant children killed

Herodias's daughter

High priest offering a sacrifice of a goat

High priest offering incense on the altar

In the temptation of Jesus, Jesus drives away Satan with the word of God

Isaiah's lips are touched with a living coal

Jacob meets Esau

Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob tricks Isaac

Jacob wrestles with an angel

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