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Gideon and the angel

Abimelech slain by his armourbearer

Daughter's of Israel bewailing Jephthah's daughter

Jephthah's daughter

Angel visits Manoah and his wife, An

Samson kills a lion

Boaz gives Ruth protection

Samuel presented to Eli

Hannah and Elkanah visit Samuel

Samuel's vision

Saul destroys Nashan the Ammonite's army

Samuel anoints David

David soothes Saul

David slays Goliath

Saul attempts to kill David

Saul enters a cave during search for David

David refuses to kill Saul

Saul falls on his sword

David anointed king in Hebron

Death of David and Bathsheba's son, The

David forgives Absolam

Shimei throws stones at David

Rizpah defending the bodies of Saul's sons

David orders Israel numbered

David prays for mercy

David sees God's angel killing his people

Solomon crowned king

Judgment of Solomon, The

Bronze sea, The

Ark of the covenant brought into the temple, The

Solomon dedicates the temple

Queen of Sheba comes to see Solomon's wisdom, The

Kings bring gifts to Solomon

Peace during Solomon's reign

Elijah fed by the ravens

Elijah fed by the ravens

Elijah kills the prophets of Baal

God speaks to Elijah

Elijah is taken up to Heaven in a chariot

Elisha witnesses Elijah being taken to Heaven

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