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Sacrifices of Cain and Abel

Noah and sons build the ark

Dove returns to the ark, The

Noah offers a sacrifice

Pharaoh takes Sarah

Parting of Abram and Lot, The

Melchizedek blesses Abram

Lot flees Sodom

Hagar sees water for Ishmael

Abraham offers Isaac

Abraham's servant finds Rebekah

Jacob tricks Isaac

Jacob's dream

Jacob's dream

Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob wrestles with an angel

Jacob meets Esau

Jacob's sons watching the herds

Joseph's dreams

Joseph placed in a well

Joseph sold into slavery

Joseph made ruler in Egypt

Cup is found in Benjamin's sack, The

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

Burial of Jacob, The

Joseph embalmed

Jochabed returns Moses after he is weaned

Pharaoh's daughter finds a baby in the Nile

Moses rescues an Israelite

God speaks to Moses from a burning bush

Aaron's rod became a serpent

Death of the firstborn

First Passover, The

Exodus from Egypt, The

Pharaoh's army drowns in the Red Sea

Water from a rock

Aaron and Hur help Moses during the battle with Amalek

Moses receives the Ten Commandments

Moses breaks the tablets of stone

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