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CESARI, Giuseppe

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Adam and Eve expelled from the earthly Paradise

Angel sitting, placed in a framework of leaves of acanthe, An

Apostle St. James, standing, frontal view, his eyes looking to the left

Betrayal of Christ, The

Christ among the doctors

Christian Charity: Seated woman surrounded by three children

Circumcision, The

Draped man, standing, his eyes lifted to Heaven: St. John

Eternal Father standing, in profile turned towards the left, stretching out the arms, The

Fight of David and Goliath, The

Jesus presented i the temple for the circumcision

Jesus succumbing to the weight of the cross

King David sitting, with a scepter in his hand

Madonna of the rosary with St. Dominic and the victims of torture

Mocking of Christ, The

Passover of the Jews, The

St. Andrew holding the cross, in a niche

St. Paul and his executioner

St. Paul standing, leaning on a sword, turned towards the right

Study for a Stoning of St. Stephen

Study for the figure of a warrior: David

Study for the head of the Eternal Father, frontal view

Study of three angels, of a torso, and of a leg

Transfiguration, The

Two apostles sleeping

Virgin sitting with the Child Jesus on her knees, The

Washing of the feet, The