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Abigail offering bread to David

Abigail offering presents to David





Angel Gabriel, The

Angel holding a tray


Annunciation, The

Assumption of the Virgin

Assumption of the Virgin, The

Assumption, The

Bust of an angel

Charity instructs the children

Christ and the centurion

Christ and the woman subject to bleeding

Christ falling under the weight of the cross

Christ the shepherd

Concert of angels singing the Domine salvum fac regem

Divine love, represented by an angel holding a burning heart, The

Divine love, The

Divine love, The

Education of the Virgin, The

Education of the Virgin, The

Foederis Arca

Head of an angel

Herodias presenting the head of St. John the Baptist to Herod

Jesus Christ in the house of Simon the Pharisee

Joseph sold by his brothers

Meeting of St. Augustine and the Child on the beach, The

Moses saved from the water

Presentation in the temple, The

Rosa Mystica

Rosa Mystica

Sketch of an angel

Sketch of an angel leaning on a cloud, with its hands clasped

St. Andrew

St. Barnabas

St. Bartholomew

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