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CARRACCI, Lodovico

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Jesus adored by the shepherds, St. Joseph, and the angels

Lamentation over the dead Christ, The

Lamentation, The

Madonna of Bargellini, The

Marriage of the Virgin

Martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul, The

Mary Magdalene at Christ's feet

Preaching of St. John the Baptist, The

Presentation of the Child in the temple

Procession of the Hebrews after crossing the Red Sea, The

Raising of the cross, The

Resurrection of Christ, The

St. Benedict with St. Peter and St. Paul

St. Bernardino of Carpi

St. Borromeo in prayer before a crucifix

St. Catherine before a crucifix, receiving the stigmata

St. Francis in adoration before Christ, the Virgin, and St. John

St. Francis kneeling before a crucifix

St. Francis of Assisi and St. Cecilia before the Virgin and the Child

St. Jerome

St. Paul at Lystra

St. Peter repentant

Study for Christ brought before Pilate

Study for Christ shown to the people by Pilate

Study for the Madonna of Bargellini

Study for The visitation

Two musical angels

Virgin and Child adored by St. Francis and St. Claire

Virgin and the Child in a tondo, The

Virgin and the Child with St. Anne and St.s Justina and Dorothy, The

Virgin and the Child, The

Virgin and the Child, The

Virgin and the Child, The

Virgin appearing to St. Hyacinth, The

Virgin of the Annunciation, The

Virgin presenting a St. to Jesus Christ, The

Virgin, standing, holding a belt, The

Vision of St. Catherine of Alexandria

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