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Creation of Eve

Creation of the animals

Creation of the sun and the moon

Crossing the river Jordan

Crowning of the Virgin, The

Crucifixion with the Virgin and St.s Mary Magdalen, John, and Jerome

David and Bathsheba

David slays Goliath

Death of Ananias, The

Deluge, The

Diotalevi Madonna

Disputation of the holy sacrament

Dividing the Promised Land

Dream of Jacob, The

Dreams of Joseph, The

Dreams of Pharaoh, The

Eight apostles


Entombment, The

Epiphany of Christ, The


Fall of Jericho, The

God appears to Abram

God appears to Isaac

God separates land from waters

God separates light from darkness

Granduca Madonna, The

Handing over the keys, The

Heads and hands of the apostles

Heads of the Virgin and Child

Healing of the lame man, The

Holy Family below the oak, The

Holy Family meeting the infant St. John the Baptist, The

Holy Family with a lamb, The

Holy Family with a palm tree, The

Holy Family, The


Isaac and Esau

Isaac blesses Jacob

Jacob meets Rachel

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