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Holy Family with a lamb, The

Holy Family with a palm tree, The

Madonna of Loreto

Madonna with beardless St. Joseph

Canigiani Madonna, The

Holy Family below the oak, The

Holy Family meeting the infant St. John the Baptist, The

Holy Family, The

Canigiani Madonna, The

Holy Family, The

St. Cecilia with St.s Paul, John the Evangelist, Augustine, and Mary Magdalene

Bridgewater Madonna, The

Colonna Madonna

Connestabile Madonna

Granduca Madonna, The

Heads of the Virgin and Child

Mackintosh Madonna, The

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child with book

Madonna candelabra

Madonna of the pinks, The

Madonna tempi

Madonna with the pomegranate

Mother and Child *

Niccolini-Cowper Madonna, The

Small cowper Madonna, The

Solly Madonna

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child, The

Alba Madonna, The

Bella giardiniera, La

Diotalevi Madonna


Madonna and Child enthroned with St.s

Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist, The

Madonna and Child with the infant Baptist, The

Madonna del cardellino

Madonna del divino amore *

Madonna del prato

Madonna della seggiola

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