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UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Bible ABC

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    The Old Testament
    Genesis: The Patriarchal History
          Abraham and Isaac
                A Wife for Isaac
                      Eliezer and Rebekah
    Exodus-Deuteronomy: Laws and Instructions
          The Words of the Ten Commandments
                The Third Commandment
    Samuel, Kings, Chronicles: Before the Monarchy
          The Boy Samuel, and Eli's Wicked Sons
    Samuel, Kings, Chronicles: Saul, David, Solomon
          The Reign of Saul (1020-1000 BC)
                Saul and David
                      David and Jonathan
          Esther's Request to the King
          Book I
                23: The Lord Is My Shepherd
          Book V
                119: God's Words and Commandments
          The Proverbs of Solomon
                The Discerning Keeps Wisdom in View
                The Blameless Life of the Righteous
          The Call of Isaiah
    Portraits of Old Testament Characters
          Portraits of Abraham (Abram)
                Other Portraits of Abraham
          Portraits of David
                Other Portraits of David

    The New Testament
    Gospels, Jesus: Nativity and Childhood
          The Nativity and the First Days
                The Shepherds
                      The Adoration of the Shepherds
                The Magi
                      The Star and the Journey
                Jesus Growing Up
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Preparations
          The First Disciples
                The Fishermen
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Miracles
          Raising the Dead
                      The Raising of Lazarus
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Incidents and Events
          Jesus and the Children
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Encounters
          Martha and Mary
          The Anointer at Bethany
    Gospels, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
          The Disciples and the Resurrected
                The Ascension
          The Ascension
          The Preaching of the Apostles
    Epistles of Paul
                Practical Cosequences
                      Living As Children of Light
          2 Timothy
                Paul's Charge to Timothy
    Catholic Epistles
                Trials and Temptations
          1 John
                God Is Love
    Portraits of New Testament Characters
          Portraits of Jesus Christ: The Adult Christ
                Other Portraits of Christ
          Portraits of Martha
                Other Portraits of Martha
          Portraits of Mary, Sister of Martha and Lazarus
          Portraits of Paul (Saul)
                Other Portraits of Paul