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Jesus forgives sins

Jesus in Gethsemane

Jesus sending out the apostles

Jesus silences the Pharisees and the Saduccees

Jesus teached humility

Jesus tells who are blessed

Jesus walks on the sea

Jesus went about all Galilee

Jesus went about all Galilee

Jesus wins his first disciples

Jesus, the Saviour of the world

Jesus's power over death

Jews going home, The

Joseph faithful in prison

Joseph forgives his brothers

Joseph is sold

Joseph sold by his brothers

Joshua and Caleb

Joshua renewing the covenant with Israel

Joshua's parting advice

Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, The

Labourers in the vineyard, A

Lame man healed, The

Lame man healed, The

Last supper, The

Lesson on forgiveness, A

Light to lighten the gentiles, A

Lord is my keeper, The

Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations

Man made in the image of God

Manasseh's sin and repentance

Man's sin and God's promise

Mary and the Christ Child

Message of the risen Christ, The

Miracle of the loaves, The

Mission of the Holy Spirit, The

Moses pleading with Israel

Our heavenly home

Parable of the talents, The

Paralytic forgiven and healed, A

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