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CARRACCI, Annibale

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Angel crowning St. Cecilia and St. Valerian, An

Angel Gabriel in a circle of musical angels and cherubs, The

Apostles around the tomb of the Virgin, The

Apostles by the tomb of the Virgin

Assumption of the Virgin

Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Baptism in the River Jordan, The

Baptism of Christ, The

Birth of the Virgin, The

Burial of Christ, The

Bust of an angel in profile

Bust of the Virgin

Call of St. Peter

Christ and the Samaritan woman at the well, in a landscape

Christ appearing to St. Anthony Abbot during his temptation

Christ crowned with thorns

Christ in glory and St.s Peter, John the Evangelist, Mary Magdalene, and Ermengild Martyr with Odardo Farnese

Christ receiving the chalice of bitterness

Christ, standing close to the Virgin, blessing St. Francis of Assisi

Coronation of the Virgin, The


Dead Christ mourned, The

Domine quo vadis?

Flight into Egypt, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Guardian angel

Half-figure of Christ crowning

Holy Family

Holy Family with St. Francis and St. Catherine

Holy women at the tomb of Christ

Lamentation over Christ, The

Lamentation over the dead Christ

Landscape in which one sees Jesus praying in the Garden of Olives

Landscape with Judas hanging

Landscape with the Holy Family

Madonna enthroned with St. Matthew

Mary Magdalene in a landscape

Mary Magdalene in the desert

Mary Magdalene penitent

Mocking of Christ

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