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Death of the firstborn

Demon frogs and armies to Megiddo, The

Departing Egypt

Door open to Heaven

Dream of the great tree

Elders singing the new song

Entreating the priests and prophets

Feet of God and pavement of sapphire, The

Fiery furnace, The

Flight to Midian

Four in the furnace

Four in the furnace

Four winged leopard creature, The

Gabriel and Daniel in the citadel

Gate angel near, The

Glory descends upon the tabernacle, The

Glory dwells with Israel, The

Glory fills the tabernacle, The

Goat and little horn, The

Gold statue of Dura, The

Golden calf Incident, The

Gospel angel, The

His feet on the Mount of Olives

Holding up the staff

Illumination angel

Image and the stone, The

Image destroyed, The

Intercession of Moses, The

Invitation of the bride

Israel at Mt. Sinai

Joshua, Satan, and the angel of the Lord

Key of David and the open door, The

King of Kings, Lord of Lords

King's steward, The

Lamb slain, The

Last bowl plague, The

Light with Israel, The

Lion with wings, the

Lions den, The

Little horn, The

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