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City of Ramses

Flight to Midian

Burning bush, The

Meeting Pharaoh

Staff becoming a serpent, The

River of blood, The

Plague of frogs, The

Aaron strikes the dust

Plague of lice, The

Plague of flies, The

Plague of boils, The

Plague of hail, The

Light with Israel, The

Plague of darkness, The

Blood of the Passover

Death of the firstborn

Departing Egypt

Pillar of cloud, The

Chariots demise

Red Sea, The

Camp at Elim, The

Tree of Marah, The

Omer of manna, The

Rock of Horeb, The

Holding up the staff

Israel at Mt. Sinai

Lord upon Mt. Sinai, The

Moses descending Mt. Sinai

Ten Commandments, The

Appearance of the Lord

Blood of the covenant, The

Feet of God and pavement of sapphire, The

Golden calf Incident, The

Moses descending Mt. Sinai

Intercession of Moses, The

Tent of meeting, The

Appearance in the cleft

Moses with the veil and glory

Omer of manna, The

Intercession of Moses, The

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